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T5 world class transmission conversion 58 Provincial SW

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    Originally posted by Kdancy View Post
    Do you have a better idea?
    A hydraulic clutch. Using a second brake master beside your regular master with longer bolts. And make a little bracket to hold a Chrysler slave to the Stude bell housing.
    As usual, Alan is correct on the second brake master cylinder. I take it further and use a hydraulic throwout bearing.

    jack vines



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      2X with Allen and Jack. Used a hydraulic setup on my 74 Avanti T56 and it works great. I used the complete Chevy master/slave setup to a modified clutch petal but that would be tough to do in your case but I would chose the TO bearing option for yours.


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        Ok, guys, I thought I would try modifying the original clutch linkage and see how well it works. If I'm not satisfied, the hydraulic system will be the next try. Using some 1/8" scrap that was pop riveted to the floor by a prier owner, I cut out a plate and welded in the ball joint from the original linkage. Here is the album.!AlqXTowCsi4Uh60PM-EbpEqEl10tCQ!AlqXTowCsi4Uh6tMofZ76_e2DP_WnA

        Now I have to come up with a speedometer cable that will work. The original Stude has the push in gear housing, while the T5 has the screw on style. Is there a stock one that will work or just have one made up with the correct speedo head fitting and trans fitting?
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          Ok, just ordered a custom made speedo cable with the correct female ends to work on the speedo and the trans. 60"

          64 Champ long bed V8
          55/53 Studebaker President S/R
          53 Hudson Super Wasp Coupe


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            Just an update--
            I have taken several short trips to test and sort things out. The transmission shifts good but the clutch is a little on the stiff side.
            Next time I think I would try a diaphragm clutch pressure plate. Or take more time and go the hydraulic clutch route. But it is doable as is.
            I used a standard duty borg and beck setup.
            I really like the location of the shifter handle and glad we changed the tailshaft to move the shifter handle forward.
            Now, waiting on the new radiator to swap over and replacement gear reduction starter, first one bad.
            More on the starter, it is 8lbs vs 22 lbs for the stock stude one. Much shorter and fits good behind the R3 exhaust with no fitment problems. Turned the motor over
            as well as the stock one. Had to pull it back after 25 or so starts as the starter motor would run, the solenoid would pop out but would not turn. Bad armature gear.
            I will switch all mine over as I work on them.
            Also changed the single mc over to a remote fill Wilwood dual chamber mc. Works well.
            64 Champ long bed V8
            55/53 Studebaker President S/R
            53 Hudson Super Wasp Coupe


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              The owner, Bill Schroeder, picked up the wagon and took it back home. Here is a note from him-

              "We drove the car around the block and it drives like a dream. Tires and wheels are next."
              Click image for larger version

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              64 Champ long bed V8
              55/53 Studebaker President S/R
              53 Hudson Super Wasp Coupe


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                here is a picture-
                64 Champ long bed V8
                55/53 Studebaker President S/R
                53 Hudson Super Wasp Coupe


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                  Excellent job Kerry, I have never seen a description of a T5 "How to do it", THIS GOOD!
                  Forget the Wagon though, I want that Nice Block BUILDING For sale.
                  I wonder how much, to get it FedEx'd from Florida to Washington!

                  I think you HAD the answer way back in Post # ONE on the Best Clutch Housings to use though:

                  QUOTE: " **** Note from Stude Rich post- (truck bellhousing)
                  It's the housing for a '56-'64 V-8 Truck with a T-89 (T-85 type) 3 speed Manual or Overdrive Trans. (in the Studebaker Truck Parts Catalog.)"


                  The '57/'58, (3E) to 1964 (8E) WITH a T85 HD 3 Speed use a 1686171

                  The '57/'58, (3E) to 1964 (8E) WITH a 259 and a T-98 "Conventional" 4 Speed use a 1687348
                  in a Model: 2, 7, 12, 13, 28, 38 or 40

                  The '57/'58, (3E) to 1964 (8E) WITH a 289 T-98 "H.D." 4 Speed use a 1687350
                  in a Model 7, 13, 28, 38, or 40

                  The '55, '56, '57/'58, (E, 2E-3E) with NP 5 Speed AND a Cast Iron Top Cover, use a 683547 Clutch Housing.

                  The '57/'58, (3E) to 1964 (8E) WITH with NP 5 Speed AND a Aluminum Top Cover, use a 1687349 Clutch Housing.

                  Yep, I see NOW, that was WAY too much work for nothing, because without the crossover Casting Numbers only available from the Original Blueprint, this is not much help, we can see differences but not WHAT changed.
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