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Electrical Curiosities & Fuel Pump Levers

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    If you have resistance in battery connections it will get warm when cranking engine with starter, if your careful you can feel the heat with your hand. They can burn if bad enough. Also make sure engine and body are both well grounded to battery. Exhaust pipes and various linkages are not good conductors.


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      a decent Infrared Camera can help pinpoint those high-resistance connections...... Crank on the starter for like 30 seconds and then have the camera scan the electrical connections. It'll show up pretty fast.


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        After reading that this battery should be enough to handle the necessary load I figured that there might be something else going on.
        The fuel pressure from before was hap hazard and unreliable. Now with everything newly installed and in place it seemed like it might be time to modify my starting sequence.
        1st try some choke and some extra pumps - fires up but dies pretty quickly.
        2nd try less choke and wide open throttle - Vroooom!

        And for another three starts in a row she fired up 1st try (unheard of to date) by jamming the petal until ignition starts and then a quick back off and a smooth transition to idle.

        It looks like the car has settled into a working operational mode and is happily starting stopping and surprising folks around L.A.

        Here's hoping everything hold up for a little while!

        Thank you everyone