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Replacing the "rag" on an avanti "rag joint assembly"

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  • Steering: Replacing the "rag" on an avanti "rag joint assembly"

    I'm faced with the problem of replacing the rag portion of the steering assembly. Has anyone that has done this repair any advice?
    I'm guessing that the rag needs to be removed by burning, and then followed by pressing out the guide pins. I also need a source for the rag replacement. I had one but let it slip thru my hands about a year ago, when I had decided to not do any more Avantis. How things change!

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    Bill, I replaced the rag joint in my '63 with Dorman Help # 31000. Did this 6-8 years ago as I recall. My recollection is that I cut it out with a cut off wheel, but it has been awhile, and I'm not positive of exactly what was involved when I did it, but it was not that difficult.


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      Now, whether the Avanti II joint described is the same as your Avanti (I didn't see where a year was given) will be something for you to determine.
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        JLB - thanks John. Dorman #31000 appears to be answer. I'll proceed with the disassembly.