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  • Interior: Horn button

    I inherited 2 horn buttons with my β€˜61 Hawk restoration, both were missing the dome cover & the little Hawk. I purchased a β€˜59 Hawk button from eBay, which I was pretty happy with, & re-painted the Hawk & backing in acrylic, it came up like a new one, so was happy with that. Pulled it out of the draw the other day & noticed a crack right through the middle, must have had a reaction with the paint. So got thinking I could maybe use the β€˜59 button as a Hawk mould, they are the solid resin type, so cleaned it up, gave it a light coat of oil, & pressed 2 part nead it putty into it. Was pretty happy with the result, still needs to be primed & a coat of chrome paint, but think it will work, it’s a bit larger than the original, but I think it will look ok, plus I have a new dome cover for it,Click image for larger version

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    Looks good. I get a lot of pleasure out of refurbishing bits like that.
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      It does look good. I wonder if that part could also be 3-D printed?
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        I'm sure it could be 3D printed, would be a bit of setup, I'll send a pic once I've got it finished,
        you could use bondo in the mould also, but might be a bit brittle.


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          Click image for larger version

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          Finished item, not exact, but it will do,

          regards, Cus
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