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48 back up lights

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  • Electrical: 48 back up lights

    Got nearly everything for installing the reverse lights on my '48 Land Cruiser. Not sure where to put the wiring harness from Lark Works. Really impressed with their work. Emailed for the installation and instructions for the back up lights and have no response yet. Just wanted to route the wires while the body shop has it on the rack. Not sure where the switch goes ( on linkage, transmission or steering shaft?) And how routed into trunk area?
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    The B/U light Switch goes on the Steering Column under the hood where the Low/Reverse Shift Arm is.

    I believe the B/U Lt. wire goes with the Tail light Harness along the frame to the rear fender area, then through the Trunk Floor.

    You MAY find a hole or a plugged hole, in the corner of the Trunk Floor.
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      Looks about right. Found hope about 3/8 inch in trunk. Wire length too short for inside the cab, but too long for going to transmission.