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Vent Windows too loose, '50 Champion

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  • Body / Glass: Vent Windows too loose, '50 Champion

    I have a '50 Champion Starlight. The vent windows are so loose and swing so easy that they will not stay in the full open position. As a result, personal comfort is negatively affected on a hot day. The hinges appear to be held together with rivets. Has anyone successfully remedied this problem before?

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    Remove the vent window assembly from the door. There’s a spring on the bottom of the lower pivot with a nut that’s adjusted to hold the spring tension. It probably needs to be tightened up a bit.


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      Either that, or the shaft is broken and the spring is in the bottom of the door.
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ID:	1728861As said above tighten this spring or pick it up from the bottom of the door.


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          It's been a while since I had the trim panel off my door but, isn't there a hole in the door shell to access that adjusting nut so the vent needn't be removed to tighten it?
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ID:	1728864I don't know about your model, but my 54 has a recess panel at that location that could be cut out??


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              You'll have to remove the inner window moulding that the wind wing and rubber are attached to. Not difficult. On my 52 there is a hole to get an oil can spout in to lubricate the pivot, but that's it. There's a pic in the Body section of the shop manual.
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                If you tighten that nut do it with some care. They tended to rust up. Lube it good with something that dissolves the rust. If you break it you will have to replace it

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