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1963 Studebaker GT Hawk Carburetor

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    Hi Warren
    Thanks for the insight and suggestion. I checked this afternoon and the engine stamp says JT 1792.
    I'll check to see what else must accompany the JT vehicles to be a real SuperHawk. The door stamp says 63V 29474
    This site is great.
    Many Thanks


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      I can save you the trouble of crawling under it.

      63V29474 was Built as a R1 Jet Thrust (Avanti Engined), Champagne Gold, Power Shift Automatic with Air Cond. and Power Disc Brakes.

      It came with No Gabriel H/D 3 way adjustable Shocks, No HD Springs, No Traction Bars, No Twin Traction Differential.

      So NOT a Full Package Car. It did have JT1792 R1 Engine from the Factory.
      Still a very desirable GT Hawk.
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        Thank you StudeRich
        I was getting out the jack and Jack stands....ha! You saved me
        I'm happy that an inquiry question on my carburetor lead me to hear from real
        Studebaker men who have knowledge of the cars they love! What a great experience.
        You are very specific in your understanding of the production facts, vehicle numbers, value and options.
        Yes....a very nice car and my first Studebaker. Once I install the new Edelbrock and address the brakes,,,,
        I will post it for sale.
        This site is incredible. Many thanks to the "brothers" who took time to give clear and direct guidance and counsel.
        You are listed here in the replies.

        Many thanks
        Best regards
        Bishop, California


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          If you are going to resell the car keep the r1 carb on it.


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            I will give that some thought. I would want it running....driving and ready to enjoy. It will have the best appeal for a potential buyer.
            Or am I missing something?
            Thank you
            Bishop, California
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              First, fantastic find!! That is a great looking Hawk!

              As some others have said, I would suggest going through (or have a reputable/ knowledgeable person/shop go through) the carburetor before replacing with an Edelbrock. Not that the replacement isn't a good carb, but what you have may be fine and just needs to be rebuilt. A leaking carb can be as simple as a stuck float, or needle and seat. I have gone through my AFB a few times, and now that I had a shop (who knows AFBs very well) rebuild the bottom part (put bushings in the body for the shafts), while I did the rest of the carb, it works great!
              And yes, as planned, definitely go through the brakes as one of your first steps! Best of luck and keep us posted!

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                The Edelbrock’s mouth will not fit your original breather - I believe.


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                  Originally posted by rowan View Post
                  The Edelbrock’s mouth will not fit your original breather - I believe.
                  That's true but I believe S.I. sold a reproduction air cleaner that fits the Edelbrock, but that leads to more expense that may not be necessary if the R-1 carb is rebuildable.
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