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63-4 gt hawk air cleaner

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  • Engine: 63-4 gt hawk air cleaner

    There is an no’s aircleaner on eBay right now, that says it’s for a 2 barrrel. The seller told me the 4 barrel aircleaner had a one digit difference in part numbers. I’m assuming you can’t use this specific aircleaner on a 4 barrel?
    hunter stanley

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    If it fits a 2 barrel, the opening would be too small for a four barrel carburetor.
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      A one-digit difference in part numbers means it's a completely different part. If they had the same part number, they would be interchangeable.
      Skip Lackie


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        It would be nice if the seller told you the actual part number, so it could be looked up in the parts catalog.

        Two barrel air cleaners can be made into four barrel air cleaners by modifying the bottom of the air cleaner. I have one on my 60 Lark.
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