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1966 Transistorized Ignition - Alternate Circuit Diagram Wanted

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  • Ignition: 1966 Transistorized Ignition - Alternate Circuit Diagram Wanted

    Looking for the alternate ignition circuit for a car that had transistorized ignition from the factory, and since removed. Mine was removed and modified previous to my ownership, and I need to cross what I currently have wired with whatever circuit is thought to be accurate when transistorized ignition is removed. I don't have problems now, but want to be prepared if I do. Thanks!
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      Thanks cstude1, that's the factory wiring diagram. I probably wasn't clear enough about my need. My ignition is missing the heat sink part and has been modified to work without it. It works fine, modified as it is now. I just don't know how it was modified.

      Was there a "standard" accepted way to modify the factory ignition circuit to work without the heat sink?

      I'm not looking to restore the ignition circuit to factory with the heat sink part, I'm just wanting to get a new circuit diagram that shows the "standard,accepted" modifications required to make it work without the heat sink. That way I can verify my current ignition circuit wiring.

      Hope that explains it better than the original post!

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      1966 Daytona Sport Sedan - Richelieu Blue


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        The "Heat Sink" is the whole transistor unit. If it is faulty, you have to rewire your ignition back to standard points. That involves replacing the missing condensor in the distributor to the points. + wire from ignition to a ballast resistor, then to the coil +. Negative lead of the coil to the distributor points. Start wire of the switch to the coil + so you have full voltage during cranking of the starter for easier starts. Your distributor will already have points in it even with the electronic Prestolite ignition. The points trigger the transistor, but there is no current passed through them.
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