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  • Body / Glass: Champ sliding rear window

    Am considerating installing sliding rear window kit from SI into my '63 Champ. Any hints or suggestions would be much appreciated.

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    Before you do any install, make sure all the drains are clear of anything to keep water from running out. When my uncle restore his two Champ, he wanted to make sure the drains would not be any problems in the future, so he thinned out some undercoating and would put some in the top of each drain and then force it through with a burst of air. He was not satisfied until a measurable amount was coming out the bottom.

    For the install, invite a couple friends over for a cold one. The first truck we did we tried to do the rubber body seal and the dual channels at the same time. That proved to be pretty cumbersome and managed to get glue in places it did not belong. On the second truck, we only glued in the rubber seal first, using the dual channel and windows to hold it in place. The next weekend when I came to visit, we took out channels and windows, cleaned and checked the seal. Went back in a second time, this time with glue on the channels.

    Others have had more experience and will probably have better advice. Good luck!