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AMC and Studebaker sourced the same headliner material?

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  • Interior: AMC and Studebaker sourced the same headliner material?

    Have seen this on a couple of AMCs from the late 60s/early 70s and wondered how close it was to the Avanti/sliding roof wagon headliners... Shot below was a 1970 Gremlin...

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    Yes, it's exactly the same crappy cardboard-and-foam material in AMC and Studebaker. I heard a story once that someone had contacted the company that originally made it and asked to get some more made. The company owner gave a strong NO! apparently because Studebaker owed him money after they shut down. In any event, you wouldn't want to put any more of it in your car. Humidity attacks it pretty quickly and it sags. There are fiberglass replica pieces for Avantis. For Wagonaires, Dick Steinkamp arranged with a local upholstery guy to make replacements using white perforated vinyl glued to thin ABS sheet - should be a thread here about the parts. To fit the front corners of the Wagonaires, the ABS has to be vacuum-formed to shape before gluing on the material.
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      There's an AMC guy in Ohio who sells replacement headliners. I believe he goes by Jeff Kennedy's AMC. I spoke with him some time ago about a sample. AMC used both black and white. Jeff offered a plastic/vinyl style but not fiberglass product that looked original when installed.
      Rob in PA.