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Hawk windshield wiper problem

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  • Electrical: Hawk windshield wiper problem

    I've got two Autolite Hawk windshield wiper units. neither work. I ran wires from the switch to the motor but even with the switch in the off position I would get a spark when I would attach a hot wire to the power post on the switch. The switch when I checked for continuity seemed to operate like it should. When it was in the "off" position there was no power to any of the three poles. In the first position all were hot and in the second position only the yellow and green wires (terminals) were hot.

    After finding one post that suggested disassembly and clean up might be all it would need, so I disassembled one of the units (the one pictured) and cleaned it up, and it was pretty funky inside, I did cut the two wires that went to the field coils so I could get it apart (the insulation was bad but it was touchy getting it repaired/reconnected and I used shrink tubing on the exposed wires which was better). After reassembly as well as a check of the armature and field coils (using a 49 Chevy shop manual) I still had no action in the wiper and power was somehow feeding through.

    I next grabbed the other unit and pulled the "head" that has the wires connected and cleaned a bunch of grease out of the cavity, the terminals were messed up so I filed them and bent them so they would have good contact. Still no wiper motor that works

    Note I ran a ground from the negative post on the battery to a screw on the body of the wiper and ran 12 volts to the circuit breaker? post on the switch.

    What have I missed?
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    Here is a test for the three-wire motors. It doesn't mention the yellow wire. That is the park wire and should have power all the time.
    Switch terminals to wires are: A-green. F-black. P-yellow.

    Click image for larger version

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      Dwain; I could not print or read above sheet. I'd really like to have it; can you repost it or pm it to me?? Jeffry Cassel


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        Put your curser on the bulletin and click to make it enlarge. About three clicks and it will be readable and you can copy.


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          Dwain G.....thanks for your reply, it helped sort things out. I disassembled one of the units, it was pretty funky inside, having never had one apart I clipped the two wires that go to the field windings, gave it a good cleaning, cleaned up the commuter and reassembled. It didn't work.

          I cleaned up the other assembly (without taking the armature out) and it didn't work so I decided to take the armature out. It was rusted in place.....looks like it had been stored under water at some point.

          I still didn't want to spend $225 for a rebuilt or new wiper motor so I took the first one apart....again. I found that the wire to the brushes had broken off, it was a little short so I added a very short piece of wire and soldered it back together.............this time it worked, hooked it up to the switch and it worked as new. Just one more job out of the way