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Delco window type 8 cylinder distributor

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    Originally posted by oldguy_46ca View Post
    Instead of left and right we should use passenger side and driver side, like starboard and port. Though please note: this was not my issue.
    NO, Left and Right is better. We have plenty of people here that drive Studebakers with the steering wheel on the Right. So Driver's and Passenger's side is not a good reference nomenclature.
    (read it backwards)

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      Here is the right document.
      Nice day to all.
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        heres a bit of a close-up of that diagram

        From this blog


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          Originally posted by oldguy_46ca View Post
          Can any one please display a picture or accurate diagram of a Delco window type distributor for a 61 259 with #1 hole clearly labelled? I know the firing order. Every diagram I have found shows number one in the middle at the front. But my distributor has a hole on either side of the middle. Which one is #1?

          As usual it is best if you find where TDC for #1 cyl is, then look where the rotor is pointing to on the cap. The Vac advance should almost be perpendicular to the crankshaft and pointing to the right side.

          This illustration shows #1, one clockwise from the forward clip, or right of center..

          Originally posted by 62champ View Post
          Always great to ask questions and get the information.

          My first Studebaker was in college with a 62 V8. I thought I would be smart and do a tune up on my own. When I tried to start it, it kicked, back fired and did nothing close to starting. My step-father came out in the drive way to see what was wrong. When I told him that I had put the spark plug wires on in order - 1-4 down the left bank, and 5-8 down the right, he almost swallowed his cigar because he was laughing so hard...

          Lots of extremely knowledgeable people (minus yours truly) here to answer questions, so ask freely. Good luck.

          1-4 and 5-8 would be correct for a 50's Ford engine like the 272, 292, 312..

          Click image for larger version

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            Problem solved. I used the timing marks to get #1 to TDC. My #1 wire is aligned on the left side just ahead the adjustment window. Runs like a top. I used a meter to get the dwell right on. Thanks to everyone for your inputs.


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              Glad that you got it figured out. Now that you've done it, it will be easy next time!