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1964 Cruiser backup light connection?

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  • Electrical: 1964 Cruiser backup light connection?

    I have a 64 Cruiser and the backup lights worked perfectly when I had the BW transmission in the car. I had a 700R installed, which works great for the daily driving I do. However the backup lights no longer come on. Normally I would go back to the shop that completed the install but they are no longer in business. So how can I get my backup lights connected again? I am thinking there has to be a switch either in the new transmission that the bu light wire was not reconnected to or there is another way to to get the backup lights to work again.

    Ideas suggests welcome



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    The back up light switch/neutral safety switch is on the lower steering column, inside the car, under the dash. It is attached with 2 screws in slotted holes to provide a range of adjustment, as may be required. I wouldn’t think that your transmission change would alter the function of this switch. Locate it and adjust it as needed.


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      I would search for a switch on the transmission itself, or if there isn't one, rig one up from a GM parts car, and bypass the Studebaker switch as the reverse contact point is at the farthest end of it and would come on in 'L' position on that 700R.

      Now that kind of worries me as your car might be able to start if its in 'reverse' with that new transmission!!