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Brakes on 49 Champion Coupe

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  • Brakes: Brakes on 49 Champion Coupe

    Wow ... There's a lot of info here .... My 49 Champion coupe left rear brake started to lock up. Removed rear drum per manual, and every thing looks per as discribed in the manual. The brakes are new, per previous owner. The pin is recessed a small amount below the new lining and is not touching the drum. Could this cause preadjustment?
    I initially thought the brake had been manually adjusted wrong at the lining install, but now after reading the comments, I'm not sure.
    Thanks for the info and your comments.

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    I have been doing brake work both professionally and on hobby cars for more than 50 years and the next most common cause other than dirty linings and out of adjustment shoes is hot spots in the drum caused by a brake dragging. In other words if the drum has been severely overheated in the past it can cause hot spots. Hot spots are spots in the drum where the metal has work hardened so to speak. Years ago we used to use a grinding wheel attachment on our drum lathe to grind the hot spots down but they would eventually return. Machining the drum with a cutter does not remove them hence the use of a grinding wheel attachment. I had this problem on a Lark we had and just put on another good used drum. This Lark had a handbrake cable problem that caused the drum to get hot.
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      Went to move my 49 a couple yrs ago and it would not go forward. 3 of the 4 wheel cylinder pistons were literally welded to the cylinder. Don't know why after almost 70 yrs it should do such an odd thing


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        Just cleaned everything up. There was dirt in the drum and lining but all components are new. Adjusted the eccentric pins as close as possible to put on the drum. Finally got it to slip on by hand, but it's tight and will not turn. Also, it appears the slot for the eccentric on the front shoe, doesn't show the same amount of slot as the picture in my shop manual.
        I'm thinking somethings goofed up in the adjuster not allowing the front shoe to be collapsed all the way in.

        Any other ideas would be appreciated.......Thx


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          I'm thinking you may be correct that the wheel cyl may be lodged. I can barely get the drum on when shoe eccentric pins are at lowest point. Also, I noticed the slot opening on the front shoe eccentric pin doesn't appear to have the relief compared to what's pictured in the shop manual. Thx