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Partial Oil Filter Restriction Size

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  • Engine: Partial Oil Filter Restriction Size

    I'm going to install a remote oil filter mount in my Sky Hawk. I need to know what size the partial flow restrictor is, and which line it is located in...from the cylinder head or into the oil filler tube. Also, what are the fitting sizes for the Stock hoses...into the filler tube and head. I have no filter or lines so I have nothing to go by. Thanks guys...

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    See Post #7 here:

    Only 12 Days ago.

    The holes in the Filler Pipe and the Head are 1/8" Pipe Thread.
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      Well, which is it?! I've been told that the oil pressure restriction hole should be .030, .045, and .060...


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        This is the way I jury-rigged mine

        I had posted this a few years ago but if you did a search and found it and it didn't help you, I apologize for running it past you again. For what its worth, the restrictor hole pushed the oil pressure back up to 40 at idle rather than the 0 at idle without it. The 90 degree fitting was placed near the front of the left head.

        "I came to the forum, as usual, and researched the possible problem. I saw this thread and went out and took the partial flow filter and all the lines off the 1955 259 V8. There was no restriction in the line other than the smallish, maybe .110, hole in the 1/8” NPT brass 90 degree fitting going into the head. I went back and read the excellent co-operator article that Bob Palma had written as well as the info Gary Ash had included in this thread. I looked for a fitting with the restrictor hole on-line but the most practical one available was for a T-3 application and had a .065 hole.

        I went out to the garage to see if maybe I could jury-rig something to work. My drill bits included a 3/64 (.047). I hack sawed a short piece of ¼” shaft off an old wire brush. Its diameter fit snuggly in the inlet side of the 90 degree fitting. I chucked the drill bit in a dremel tool and drilled a hole in the ¼ plug. It was offset to match up with the offset hole in the fitting. I used J-B weld to mate the two together. I think this should work pretty well and come close to matching the restrictor hole that evidently should have been there. This is not the spin on filter that Mr. Palma had shown but the F4 cartridge type. I hope the restriction will raise the oil pressure at idle."

        Charlie D.

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