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How best to bend very stiff NOS hose to Supercharger?

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  • Engine: How best to bend very stiff NOS hose to Supercharger?

    Sounds like a dumb question I know, but SI sent me a NOS hose for between the supercharger and air cleaner, and the old thing is stiff as a pipe! It’s very heavy duty and wire reinforced, but I’m afraid it will crack and break when I try to bend it to the curve needed to meet up with my air cleaner.
    Any suggestions on softening this old rubberized (?) material so it will Bend more easily? I considered soaking in warm water, or blowing warm air from a hair dryer... But thought some of you have probably dealt with the exact same hose and I’d ask first.
    Barry Click image for larger version

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    You can't. It is too old and stiff and if you try to bend it rubber will flake off the inside and go straight into the supercharger. Google' Intake Hoses' and order heat resistant turbo hose. It is flexible and not 60 years old. Don't use the old hose.


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      thanks Jeff, I never even considered any 'flaking' debris going into the supercharger, you may have just saved me another rebuild! Sure I could have got it to bend and "fit" somehow, otherwise, but as you said, not without SOMETHING coming off...
      I looked you up, and see you are just east of Florence off highway 14, which my great-grandparents OWNED between the two families back in the late 1800s... The store, bank, livery stable, hardware store..... My grandpa got the farm (still have his 1918 Case tractor he bought new; wish we had his Reo and Buick! When others were driving horses....). And lost it all in the Great Depression. I drove through there often to the 3M plant in Brookings SD (I live in St.Paul area). Only tombstones and foundations left there now! Small world!! :-) Thanks again my friend!!!! I'll google that hose.


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        And don't forget to send the hose back to SI, for a refund...


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          McMaster-Carr is your friend.

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            There should be some industrial supply businesses in your area. A national supply chain, Grainger, probably has several branches within driving distance. In my area, they have an over the counter sales open on weekdays. Also, you could see if there are more specialized businesses in your area that supply rubber, plastics and gaskets. Take the hose with you and as long as you conduct yourself with a friendly humble attitude, you might come away with an acceptable and superior product.
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              Originally posted by bezhawk View Post
              Wow, Brad; that's quite a selection! BP
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                Don't you have one of these?

                Click image for larger version

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                  Originally posted by 64V-K7 View Post
                  Don't you have one of these?

                  yes, I do have the elbow (though the repro from SI is so big I have to use a screwdriver to force it out of the way to maneuver the air-box on over the carb! Can't believe the originals interfered like that? Could be...). I trial fit the air-cleaner housing today and the 11" hose in question doesn't bend as much as I thought, but I still would rather have a new hose and not have the kink (it does not bend evenly eventhough wire-wrapped), or risk old rubber flaking loose. I think I'm going to call SI and ask if their still-listed hoses are also NOS or new, and simply get a new one. Hardly worth the postage of sending this one back. And I think I can tell old rubberized cloth from new, but maybe I'm wrong; worth a phone call to SI, always friendly and helpful!


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                    Originally posted by bezhawk View Post
                    Thanks Brad; looks like that will be the route I'll be going for the 11" (or 12" as-sold) duct to air-cleaner. Their black neoprene has just the right flex (looks like) yet not floppy, and withstands up to 300F. All silicone seems to come only in orange, multiple sites! I just called SI, and indeed the 11" hose I have (and they still have) is left-over NOS; they don't have that part number in 'new hose". FYI: they DO have new-rubber for the short SC-to-airbox hose at SI. Thanks again for the info guys!