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what is closest replacement air-filter element for '57 Golden Hawk?

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  • Engine: what is closest replacement air-filter element for '57 Golden Hawk?

    I was surprised to find no air filters for sale at SI or the other vendors I checked, and no crossover filters at NAPA. I searched the forum, found one post mentioning a WIX filter "supposedly fit" but was >9" diameter and too big, where-as Rock Auto and Auto Zone both list filters for my car but all are <7" diameter so seem WAY off....
    What am I missing? Has to be some air filter elements that are close enough to fit....?? I can believe exact dimensions may not be available, but what is the best match? I don't have one to compare to, I threw the filthy thing that was on there when I got the car and started disassembly 9 years ago, never gave it a second thought...

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    i just changed mine and will get you a number when i return home


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      I thought the problem was the inside diameter. Fram changed the thickness of their element, but not the part #. So the newer filters won't fit over the cone inside the housing. I bought one of the old ones 20 years ago from the Packard Farm. They had two at the time.


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        I have listed a FIL 2111 from NAPA in my records. Remember that the first one I purchased did not fit, had to return, I believe this is the correct one. It was a special order.


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          Originally posted by 5brown1 View Post
          i just changed mine and will get you a number when i return home
          Thanks! I appreciate that!!

          Another possibility:
          I just heard back from a friend who had a 57 supercharged engine, and he recalls giving the dimensions to the local Baldwin (industrial filters; I use their oil filters in my cars) dealer and cross-referencing an industrial air cleaner element that was exactly the same.

          Not sure if your filters are "correct dimensions" or Where/if yours overhang or pinch a bit (per reading posts on this subject)?
          Best I can estimate from my filter housing/cap is 6.5”max X 9 or 9.25” max?? X 3” max..( end of wing nut travel!)

          I looked up the FIL 2111 NAPA, and it shows 9.15" OD x 6.75 ID x 2.78" height. Close? Does it stick out over the metal rim?

          I tried Rock Auto, they list (3) filters that are supposed to fit a 57 Golden Hawk (Wix, Hastings and Fram), and all are 5" ID !!!, and only 6.3" (or similar) OD and about 3" high.

          If someone has the correct diameters (inner and outer) and height for the Stude supercharged filter element, #1543128, I will contact Baldwin and see, and post for all if I find one. There is a dealership a mile from my house, they make really good stuff for diesel trucks and heavy equipment....

          Otherwise, if both of you were able to pop these in and fit existing Golden Hawk air-cleaner mounting then I'm "good" ! :-) I'm obviously not sure what the critical dimensions limits are to fit from measuring my housing, but that NAPA filter is sure a lot closer than what Rock Auto lists!
          Thanks again!
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            Click image for larger version

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ID:	1728589 Here's 2 shots of my element and the air cleaner, I remember it fit perfectly.


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              Thanks, looks like it DOES ( and would want it to) fit the outer diameter perfectly......


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                hi guys,
                look what I got from a friend; NOS filter, even says "for 1957 Golden Hawk" on the box..... :-) Now, I don't think I dare USE it, seems that old dried-up paper element is no match for a modern air filter, plus the rubber is hard as a rock. But it DOES give me the exact dimensions (or best I can measure stiffened rubber seals): 9" OD x 8" ID x 3" height. From the metal canister, it appears the inner-cone would allow you to go as small as ~7 1/4"- 7 1/2" ID before it would 'ride' up on the cone? I did call Baldwin Filters, and they DON'T have anything that size. They list a goofy 5" ID x 6 3/8" OD filter like the FLAP stores....

                Mark Klinger, curious about your NAPA FIL 2111 ; it shows dimensions of 9.15" OD x 6.75 ID x 2.78" height. Does that 6.75" ID interfere with the cone? Does the OD seal at both top and bottom??? Seems the cone would push the filter UP..... but maybe the FRESH rubber is more forgiving and crushes... I know this LEE wouldn't! :-) Hard as a rock.

                5Brown1, have you returned home yet to look up what you are using?
                Thanks guys!
                BarryClick image for larger version

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                  Okay, you got me to go take some new pics of the element and air cleaner. The upper rubber seal is nearly 9.375 and the lower is the 9.15 dimension which seats perfectly on the lower plate. The cone is a smaller diameter than the element inside 6.75 so there is no problem there. You're way overthinking this, call NAPA and order it. Since pulling mine apart tonight I decided to order a new one, $10 plus shipping as it has to come from NC, nothing closer. They show the FIL2111 as fitting a 61 Silverhawk which had no cross reference. 57 GH is listed as requiring a FIL 2110 but that DOES NOT fit. It sure will be nice to get your car on the road again.

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                    Hey, thanks a bunch Mark! Yep, I'm an engineer, I overthink everything (ask my wife) :-) Called "analysis paralysis" at work!
                    Oh, you don't KNOW how bad I want to get this on the road, or just hear it START and run for the first time since I got it in 2010...! It was SUPPOSED to be running "when they parked it" (with 75 other cars their dad owned, in a nice big shop), but you know how those stories go. Won't bore you with another one here. (my avatar is the car coming off the trailer in 2010, under GRAVITY power...) Regardless, I'm now down to making the fuel and brake lines, figuring out the darn carb and tranny linkages (suspect previous owner swapped parts to use without the supercharger; a post to come on that I'm afraid...) and then finally set the valves, have not wanted them to sit compressed for the two years since I rebuilt the engine..... SLOW.. :-( THEN, the body, Part 2. :-) I need to retire, work takes too much time away from this important stuff!!!
                    Thanks again, really appreciate taking the time to take photos even!