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Truck Steering interchange - ‘55 back to ‘50?

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  • Steering: Truck Steering interchange - ‘55 back to ‘50?

    It seems that after almost 70 years, the steering box seems to have enough wear that a replacement is needed in a family owned 1950 2R5.

    Question is - will the steering box/shaft from a ‘55 1/2 ton fit in a 1950 2R5? I know there were three different boxes used from 49-53, but will a box from two years later work? There are two ‘55 parts trucks that can be picked over and if they are in need of a refreshing, they can be sent off keeping the truck intact until the install can take place.

    Thanks ahead.

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    First, a disclaimer: I have never tried to do that swap. But the parts book seems to indicate that the boxes alone will not interchange: ie, both the steering box and shaft would have to go together. The 1955 truck will almost certainly have a TA12 box, while the 1950 truck might have / probably has the T12 box. The parts book shows the various vehicle serial number breaks between the changes. If they both have TA12 boxes, any of the parts should interchange.
    Skip Lackie


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      Thanks Skip - it would probably be a total swap - wondering if it would a bolt in swap keeping everything on the '50 minus the box and shaft.


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        The steering wheels and the drag links are the same. It looks like everything in between is different between the T12 and TA12. If both vehicles have the TA12, there should be no problems.
        Skip Lackie


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          Aint but one way to find out..... I did it on mine, but not sure what I did, as I was just using the only junk I could find available. Meaning I may have got lucky.