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Hood hinge side to side 'slop'

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  • Body: Hood hinge side to side 'slop'

    On 63R1089 I have appx. 3/4" of side slop (the bushing / hinge pin is very past its freshness date) measurement on the front hinge (s). For reference, this value is taken with the hinge assy. mounted into the front panel pocket (by the radiator), a 90 degree square with the long leg aiming back towards the fire wall and the side slop value running passenger side to driver side at the end of the hinge. I have no problem rebuilding the bits-pieces however I assume (nasty word that comes back to bite you) that some slop value will be present for the hood male / female spring pin assemblies to load and lock the hood in position. This is a problem I did not see looks like a weak design that could stand a re look-rework review. Thanks Sherm / Green Bay