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Stromberg WW carb choke markings??

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  • Fuel System: Stromberg WW carb choke markings??

    Hi, I cannot determine where to set my choke (Stromberg WW for supercharged 57 GHawk)
    Please see photo: 1) is the mark/arrow on the choke dial where I’m pointing? Someone made a divot there, can’t tell if it used to be the arrow or not, but don’t see any other. The “6” mark could help reference this?? 2). Which “boss” do you set it at( per manual, which shows 56 carb and obviyonly one boss). Here there is the one I’m pointing at, and the larger one up at the top..... ASI set it, butterflies are awfully tight it seems.
    Thanks!Click image for larger version

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    An arrow on the choke cover should be aligned with the boss at the top (red arrow). The arrow must be covered under the lock tab at top left.

    Click image for larger version

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      Depending on the Temperature at the time of year you set the Automatic Choke, it WILL vary from Summer to Winter in most all areas, you close the Choke butterfly to the Manual specified amount, almost closed when the engine is cold.

      I pay no attention to those markings, except to make sure the Thermostatic Spring is oriented the right way to Close the Butterfly when turned toward "Rich".
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        Thanks guys. There isn’t an arrow ( I just rebuilt it so had it dissembled), thus thinking it WAS under the crude punch mark. But I was wrong in which “boss” I was referencing; thanks!