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6 volt gas gage ???

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  • Electrical: 6 volt gas gage ???

    I'm trying to get my gas gage to operate. 53' truck with 6 to 12 volt conversion. I bought the 12V to 6V reducer from 5th street garage (?). Now 2 questions: 1) will my test bulb light when I look for the juice at the gage terminal it is connected to ? Essentially at the 6V side of the reducer ? 2) If the test bulb will not show light, if I ground the gage with my correct connections, will the gage show "full" tank ?

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    better to use a Multimeter than the test light. It may not work at 6V if it's a modern "Autozone" type light, as they are mostly designed for 12V, unless it's an LED, which will still work.