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trunk lid hinge problem

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  • Body / Glass: trunk lid hinge problem

    The drivers side trunk lid hinge on my "new" '52 Commander has begun to give me grief. It worked fine for the first several weeks that I had the car, and the trunk was opened and closed quite a few times. Now when I close the trunk the lid shuts down as it should on the passenger side but stands off/up on the drivers side. If I push it down with my hand it still won't go down as far as it should. I have lubricated the hinges and nothing appears to be bent or have slipped. I suppose I will have to remove the trunk lid and "persuade" the hinge to go a little lower? Any suggestions or tips? Thanks.

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    I wonder if one of the springs has broken or lost tension.
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      Or the pin broke, and the springs are pulling it past where it normally travels?


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        Did you lubricate the hinges when you bought the car, before opening and closing the trunk quite a few times?
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          If the sprints are OK, the hinge itself probably bent. They are not really over-engineered, given the weight of the trunk lid.
          I had this problem and ended up having to re-bend and then weld on a stiffening brace to the hinge itself. Not all that easy of a project but it helped quite a bit.