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speedo drive gears parts book chart for 62 GT Hawk

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  • Speedo / Tach / Gauges: speedo drive gears parts book chart for 62 GT Hawk

    Anyone have a parts book for the 62 GT Hawk? Need copy of the page that shows drive and driven (pinion) gears for the speedo drive.
    Speedo reads about 20% fast with a 19 tooth pinion installed. At 55 MPH actual vehicle speed (have GPS to compare with) the speedo reads 65 mph.

    Thanks to anyone who has this book and can scan a copy of that page for me.

    Ken Michael

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    A 16 should get you as close as it gets.


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      You can find the Studebaker parts manuals on Bob's Resource and Information site at this link, you'll need to scroll down the page to the "Manuals" section:
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        Here are the pages...

        Notice the gear on the transmission output shaft varies (5, 7 or 8) depending on the rear ratio. Don't assume to just use a "19" without knowing the entire setup..

        Here is my post on using a calculator to get the correct pinion. These charts assumed a certain tire size, gear on the transmission shaft, and the rear ratio.

        Originally posted by SScopelli View Post
        I've updated my spread sheet once again.

        My Google Drive link...

        Click here ==>>

        I have added a more detailed calculation for the speedometer pinion tooth calculation..

        Previously I had fixed values of 10 and 11. Unfortunately Studebaker's use 7 or 8 spline speedometer gears on the tail shaft

        Now you can enter your own values of the number of splines that are on your Speedo drive on the tail shaft..