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'57 Silver Hawk Radio Replacement

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  • Interior: '57 Silver Hawk Radio Replacement

    Anybody know of a modern replacement radio that fits the original dash opening in the '57 Silver Hawk. The radio in the Studebaker international catalog states it will not fit older than '58 hawks.
    Thoughts? Thanks!

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    To the best of my knowledge, there is no modern replacement for a 57 Hawk radio. You have to hack up the dash to do it and I hope you do not do that.

    You can hang a modern radio under the dash, or put it in the glove box.

    Better yet, you can modernize your existing radio. These guys are the best in the business.

    The reason that 58 and newer Studebakers have modern replacements is because the 58 and newer Studebaker radios are dimensionally the same as some years of Chevrolet, corvette, and other GM/Delco radios of the era. Since there are lots more GM radios/cars being restored or modified and the demand for those radios is so high, reproduction radios are available.

    BTW, these modern radios might fit 58 and newer, but they do not look like Studebaker radios. The only ones that look right and sound right are radios modified by Aurora Design dealers.
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      I agree with Roy, there is no modern replacement radio for the Delco AC 2747 radio in your 57 Hawk. You can have your radio rebuilt to original specs or like Roy says, send it to Aurora Designs to have new internals put into your radio which will work without having to hack up the instrument panel. Bud


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        Great information! Thank You! I sure appreciate the explanation.