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Finishing stages of a total restoration of 1946 Studebaker Champion Skyway

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    I began a first time total restoration project of my Sedan, along with some serious health issues and my project is in the down hill roll, just finished my color chart of Dark Sycamore Green, then had a minor Stroke that has compromised my memory some. Would any one mine answering some finishing questions, just a few, please reply. I forgot to say, Thanks Randy. I can also be reached by phone @ 225-803-2838

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    Sorry for your health issues and best of luck on finishing your project. If you post your questions here, it is likely that someone in the World on this SDC Forum will be able to help you or at least point you to someone that can help.
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      Please do post your questions here. I'd love to see your Skyway and how far you have gotten. Working on it will be good therapy for you.


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        Scrambling for answers to other's posts is good therapy for us all, post some questions please. Luck Doofus


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          a piece of advice. Remove your phone number, or put a divider in it of some sort to keep the spammers at bay. They keep BOTS busy just looking for phone numbers like yours to scam and spam.


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            If you put your phone number and email address in your profile, the only folks who can see it are members that are logged into the forum.

            Good luck with your project and your health.
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              unfortunately it's in the body of the first post.


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                Yes, please post any questions. I am the owner of a 46 Champion coupe and may be able to help with related questions.