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what to do with the rear window cranks once the rear seat goes away

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  • Interior: what to do with the rear window cranks once the rear seat goes away

    Let me first say that I bought the blueprints from the archives to install the rear seat delete option in my Lark hardtop. I no longer have a rear seat but a carpeted platform where the seat once was. Sooner or later I sit my spare i the middle of the platform.

    With the seat gone, the window regulator handles are just there...

    Thought number one: does anyone know of a plastic window crank with the same tap as the Studebaker window regulator stud that I could easily modify into a cap. I then could keep a window handle in the glove box for when I want to roll the rear windows down.

    Thought number two: (the complicated option): I have a couple broken hardtop rear window regulators and a partially functioning power regulator (motors stuck) from a Studebaker station wagon that I scrapped years ago. Where or what can I find to build a twin to the power regulator I have to convert my rear windows to power windows and run from switches into the console.

    Hey, its a project. I could also build new interior panels with a flap that hides the window handles too.
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    Realistically, as long as you have made some modifications, you could use this kit to install power windows and build a cover that looks like an armrest or covered area. Then you could just open and close them as you need and the price won't be that high.



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      Something like this?Click image for larger version

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        Originally posted by JayBird View Post
        Something like this?
        That looks like a '70's Chrysler Product, Antenna Hole Plug!

        My 1976 Volare~ Premere Wagon came with one, because I did not order the crappy MoPar Radio.
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          I do not believe that there was a "rear seat delete option" for a hardtop. Even deleting the rear seat, I do not know why you would want to do away with the window cranks. Even some business coupes came with rear side windows that opened with a crank. You can reach in to open/close the windows. There is no requirement that someone has to be sitting back there.
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            You could 'keep it Studebaker' by deleting the regulator all together. Use the station wagon side window or truck sliding rear window 'handle' on the top edge of the glass. Use the 'lock' and latch from the same to hold the glass in the up position. The handle will stop on the window opening when down.


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              <>Sooner or later I sit my spare i the middle of the platform.<>

              Could you explain what you mean by this, please?
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                I remember way back in the day, my dad and my uncle both had "chrome caps" that replaced the cranks for the windows and door handles on the rear doors of the station wagons.
                I wonder if they might still be available anywhere.


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                  My high school car in the 1970's was a 1962 Daytona. Both rear regulators were not attached to the windows. I never looked to find out why. The windows on that car rotated down from the front, and they were tight enough that they stayed in place when up. When I wanted them down I just pushed them down. That was easily done without leaving the front seat. If yours is the same, then maybe that will work for you.


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                    "We don nee no stinking window cranks"