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  • Ignition: Spark bug no start

    I have a pre 56 studebaker 170 6 volt. I have spark at the coil and the number one plug but it won’t start. new re manufactured carb and new fuel pump also. any help?

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    What did I miss... What's a spark bug ?



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      Not knowing the Car's history or EVERYTHING that has been done to it since it last ran leaves a LOT of possibilities.

      But FIRST I would want to know if there is a squirt of Fuel coming out of the nozzle in the Carb. Throat.

      If not, prime the Carb. with fresh Fuel.

      Then there is the Point Dwell or Gap, a Dwell Meter will show the Dwell even while just cranking to check the Point Gap.

      Then we have the Firing Order.
      Your Dist. turns COUNTERCLOCKWISE so check the order of the Plug Wires in the Cap per the Firing Order and CC rotation.
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        What Rich said, plus timing. You have to have spark at the correct time in the cycle.
        Also, do you have compression - necessary for firing?
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          How long has it sat up? I agree with above, many many factors come into play.