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Stewart Warner

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  • Speedo/Tach/Gauges: Stewart Warner

    Anyone have history with new Stewart Warner guages. I have a quote to reman my existing 7 instruments but it's north of two THOUSAND dollars. If this car deserved a 100 point restoration well maybe then.... looks like the SWs would be a good replacement if they're worth bringing home. I'm hoping someone has first hand experience with the currently available Deluxe line. Thanks, John Taylor

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    Stewart Warner was another old South Bend company who made Studebaker instruments forever.

    As to the currently available, most are made in Mexico, but they fit, they work and at a glance look close to original to those who aren't on this forum.

    jack vines


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      I don’t know what you’re working on but I have a SW tach I bought for my 63 Hawk that I never used.


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        I'm sorry that I forget to mention that I have a 62 GT. I'm tryingrying to develop a plan for the refurbishment. Thanks for reminding me. JT


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          I guess that I did not realize NOS gauges for a GT were that hard to find. Two thousand to rebuild them? I knew the high rev tach was hard to find, but not the rest.


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            I really can't see $2k for Hawk gages. They are a little hard to find but not THAT hard! Bought a SW gas gage but never used it. Put a gage in from older Hawk and painted ss rim black, Hard to tell difference.


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              I totally rebuild them for far less. (see Joe Bacon on my work on gauges)
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