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  • Frame / Springs: M's vs. R's

    I have a friend who has a M and it's been modified and modified several times , We need a front axle for it . I have a 1949 R series that has the knee action shocks same as the M's my thoughts are will the front axle fit and bolt into the early M as a lot of the same parts minus the body of course was the same on this first year R.

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    You'd have to look at the books, flipping back and forth between the 2 years to find out, or just study them closely. I have an M book, but no 2R book.
    Maybe someone could post the (standard ) axle part number, Brake hub or drum assy. part number, U bolts, leaf springs and shocks?

    I have an M series frame up here. If you just want the axle, I can take it off. Bring a trailer! ( Ferndale, WA )


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      Assuming the vehicles in question are half-ton pickups, the front axle part numbers are different. Doesn't necessarily mean the 2R5 axle wouldn't fit an M5, however.
      Skip Lackie