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Amp Meters Gauge Wobble

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  • Electrical: Amp Meters Gauge Wobble

    Sometimes at road speed the meter wobbles on the charging side at around 20, while other time it remains steady.....what causes that?
    Lou Van Anne
    62 Champ
    64 R2 GT Hawk
    79 Avanti II

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    Most likely burned contacts in the voltage regulator, especially if it's s newer cheaper built one. My needle jumped around until I removed the newer cheaper built regulator the seller installed. I restored an original voltage regulator from the junk yard, and now the needle remains steady at just over the center line.


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      Is this for the Avanti or the Hawk?

      We use the electronic type that looks like original, but no needle bounce or sticky points. They are only for standard 35 amp alternators, not Avanti.

      We have run them on all our late cars and always keep a few spares on the shelf but never need them.