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  • Brakes: Newby - 52 Champion Self-Adjusters

    Hello forum, I'm a newby. I have Grandpa's 52 Champion about 80% street worthy after being parked for 30 or so years after I used to drive it when I was in high school. I've been using the site as a resource the past year or so, and today I turned in my app for the SDG and registered to post here. Look forward to everyone's help, you have already been a big help to me.

    I posted the same message on the new member thread, but wanted to use this thread for my first tech question: Does anyone know where I could purchase self-adjusting brake tips? SI doesn't sell them anymore in the kits. Perhaps I may have to have a few made by a machinist. I do have three good ones, and one that is broken. Thanks

    John D. Lakewood, Colorado

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    Welcome to the Forum. I have a '52 as well but it is a Commander. I do have the complete front brake assemblies from it I saved with mostly new stuff available but it likely is different then the Champion brakes. I converted my Commander to Hawk front brakes so I do not need any of this stuff. As far as pointing you in the right direction to find the pieces you need, all I can tell is to start checking with different vendors.
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      Graham at kgworks has them listed. Part#521396.
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        Switched Ceci's 53 to 62 Lark brakes. Had all the parts on hand. Made car a whole lot safer. Stopped much,much better.


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          If you are repairing everything, changing to later self-energizing brakes may be a good choice. If you already have most of the parts to go back original that will work too. I have vehicles with both types. The main problem with a Champion is that the brakes are small. Frank's Commander brakes would be an option for larger brakes.
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            Welcome to the Forum. Please remember to make your posts as descriptive as possible. One-word titles are discouraged. I've edited your title for you.


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              Thanks. He is getting me what I'm looking for.