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Overlay on the instrument panel

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  • Interior: Overlay on the instrument panel

    My wood grain panel has suffered the in the sun for years and is nasty. I also suspect that the instruments are toasted. I'm not interested in a 100 point restoration. The thought of creating a new overlay and buying new instruments including the tach, engine monitors, speedometer and clock. Any body been down that road? Thinking engine turned stainless/aluminium for the overlay. Don't much care for plastic wood. Advice? Thanks, JTaylor

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    Forgot to mention that I have a 62 GT. JTaylor


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      Check this thread. What you're taslking about is not uncommon. http://forum.studebakerdriversclub.c...ameter-63-hawk


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        Find a "Hydrographics" place and they can repair the insert and will last an eternity. is a local Phoenix guy I use for such items.

        If you go to the "Gallery - WoodGrain" click on the "more" a couple of times. You will see my 61 Convertible dash and door moldings.

        this link may work..

        Most places will have a grain selection..


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          Terry Frye in Wisconsin does an excellent job of re-doing the wood grain on anything, and he's very reasonably priced. You can contact him at "" and he will get back to you asap. He's a real good guy to deal with also. Bill


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            If you'releaning towards engine turned metal, you might check oout this site.