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P/S Pump Pulley Removal Tips

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  • Steering: P/S Pump Pulley Removal Tips

    I want to rebuild the power steering pump on my '64 Avanti. I have it off of the car and now I cannot get the pulley to budge. I have resisted putting a puller on the pulley due to my fear of bending the pulley. Do I need to drill and tap some bolt holes in the pulley? Any suggestions would be helpful.

    Tom Goesch

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    They are just held on by the end bolt, and a key way with a woodruf key. Perhaps it is rusted. Try a little heat. You're going to replace the seals anyways.
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      I agree with Brad, it is not a real tight press fit, and maybe a bit rusty, and may need some "persuasion."

      If you look at the Pulley, you will see there is a built-in ring to put a puller on it..

      Check out this YouTube video on using the correct puller..
      Warning: He is passionate about power steering pulley removal.

      Lisle tool #3900. Check your local parts store they may rent this tool..

      Also a good pictorial rebuild...

      This tool grabs that ring in the center..

      Click image for larger version

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        Be Careful! Those flimsy tin pulleys bend if you look at them the wrong way. WD-40 a little heat, and patience. If you press it, don't use a lot of pressure and I'm sure you would want a bearing splitter. Good Luck