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Rear seat removal J body 1959 Lark

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  • Interior: Rear seat removal J body 1959 Lark

    Hi people just got the old girl home and are looking to fix the rear quarter windows, so the first step is to remove the rear seat, had a bit of a look at it last night and it has me stumped.

    Anyone tell me an easy way to remove the lower cushion?

    Thanks in Advance.

    Wayne Harper
    1959 Lark VIII Hardtop Regal

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    I've never had a hardtop, but I would suspect the seat removal would be the same as other models. If not, I'm sure someone will correct me.
    With a little bit of push toward the rear you should be able to just lift the front edge of the cushion straight up; then just slip it from under the base of the back cushion.
    You will then see how it is initially retained, and the maneuver required to re-install it.
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      there is a spring type mount from the seat bottom to the floor. Easiest way is sit on the seat pushing down and push back as hard as you can on the lower section of the seat or fit yourself between the front and rear seat and do the same. You will feel the seat let loose then just lift up.


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        I think swvalcon (Steve) covered the bottom Cushion removal, push back really HARD and lift the Front.

        If you need to remove the Seat Back, you will see the 2 Studs with Nuts at the Bottom, after removing those it will lift straight UP off of the 2 "Hooks" at the Top and come right out.

        Of course you will have the Arm Rests out by then, as it IS required.
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          thanks guys will give it a shot tonight.

          Wayne Harper
          1959 Lark VIII Hardtop Regal