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Ermine White touch up paint?

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  • Paint: Ermine White touch up paint?

    Trying to touch up the paint on my Ermine White 63 Hawk. Is there a commercially available equivalent or close to it? I plan to repaint the car in a year or so after I get it up to snuff mechanically but would love to touch up some scratches in the mean time.

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    The Ford Wimbleton White, if it is still available by Duplicolor in the touch-up bottles will be just slightly whiter than Ermine or very close for small areas, should be good for a Temp. fix.
    Second Generation Stude Driver,
    Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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      Hello Campbel,
      What type of paint is your Hawk painted in (is it original paint), Acrylic Lacquer or 2 pack?
      I have matched Ermine white to PPG - 8288, in 2 pack.

      regards, Cus


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        Awesome. It is a second paint job done in the 80s or 90s and appears to be lacquer but for what I need the 2 pack would be great. Love to buy—how much and how do I order?


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          I'm in Australia, but PPG paint systems should be in the states, you might have to go to a vehicle spray shop to get some mixed up,
          might have to get a litre or quart, & get separate hardener, hope this helps.

          *Just checked, PPG is definitely available in the US, just quote the number 8288, it's a very good match for Ermine white.


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            There is also they seem to have everything.
            John Clements
            Christchurch, New Zealand


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              Why not just take a painted part (or the car) to the local auto paint supplier and let them use the color matching technology to mix a pint of paint. That will give you a close color and account for age and color change.



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                Good point, if it's not an original factory paint job the colour could & probably is slightly different