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Electronic Distributor and Coil Set from Stude International 63 Hawk

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  • Electrical: Electronic Distributor and Coil Set from Stude International 63 Hawk

    A flyer came in my latest parts delivery that advertises Electronic Distributor and Coil Set for $220. Couple of questions, I looked at the forums and saw references to the Ebay versions of
    Electronic Distributor that run around $150. Is this Stude Kit better and if so why?

    Also I see people note that their factory Tachometer does not work with the ebay version. Is this one any different in that regard. Has anyone figured out how to get the tach to work? Would love a
    Electronic Distributor but I don't think I could live with losing my tach.....

    Thank you.


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    you can covert yours to electronic with a pertronix ignitor $100
    Mark Riesch
    New Bern, NC


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      And would the tach work with the pertronix? Is that the 1584 model?
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        I've got the pertronix and while my tach needle moves, it doesn't work properly anymore. It only reads between 1500 and 2000 rpm no matter the actual rpm.
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          Did you notice an improvement in performance with the pertronix? Was the juice worth the squeeze?


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            Yes, it is...….


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              Which pertronix fits my 63 Hawk 289, just the standard engine? Model 1584?