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Rehabbing a 57 year old gas pedal

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  • Interior: Rehabbing a 57 year old gas pedal

    I'm working on reinstalling the stock throttle linkage in my 62 Lark. I just found my 2 inch hole saw and will cut the hole in the floor soon. I found a gas pedal that I had tossed in a box and forgot. The pedal itself is in good shape but the base could use some work due to cracked rubber and the affects of moisture and rust upon its base.

    What I am wondering is if anyone has dipped the weather checked base of a Lark gas pedal in something like flex seal (or used epoxy) to fill in all the cracks and checking to get some more life out of a gas pedal, a part that I do not think anyone reproduces.

    I could also get a small barn hinge and cut off the dry rotted base.
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    I did the hinge trick on some Stude in my past; I painted it black so it wasn't noticeable.