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    Did I forget to mention my eternal project is a 1962 Lark hardtop? I may also be mixing up my Larks, I once had a 1960 two door sedan.
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      Champions were always called "Champs" by the owners, mechanics and even the dealers. It wasn't until Studebaker decided to build a truck based on the Lark body and call it a Champ that there was any confusion.
      I know what a 63 Champ is and when someone talks about a 1940's or 50's Champ, I know what that is too.
      A Lark Champ to me is a Lark bodied truck of one type or another.
      Originally posted by t walgamuth View Post
      six........I am not up on all the details of cars of that period. I understand that I spoke inaccurately but am not sure why. I could have sworn our 59 Stude wagon back in the day was labeled a champion, or maybe my dad just called any six cylinder stude a champ. I do remember seeing the Lark VI label now that I think about it.

      Or is it because the pickup was called a Champ?

      I would be pleased to be educated by a more expert Stude lover.

      Thanks Gary!
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        Thanks thunder!
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