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Champ 5 speed clutch linkage?

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  • Transmission / Overdrive: Champ 5 speed clutch linkage?

    Is the 7E Champ truck clutch linkage with 5 speed overdrive transmission the same as a 4 speed? The parts manual is not listing much for the 5 speed transmission. Is there a parts listing page from Studebaker with separate 5 speed linkage designated? Service letters?

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    Some parts are the same and some are for 5 speed trans only. If the parts book doesn't specify for 5 speed, then it would be a part that is used with all manual transmissions. Any particular parts you are looking at?
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      Chuck, the Clutch Linkage is exactly the same for the T-98 4 Speed and the New Process 5 Speed Overdrive, since the only difference between the Clutch Housings, which by the way ARE different, is the THICKNESS.

      The Clutch Housing for the NP 5 Speeds, Direct and O.D. are unbelievably Thick and HEAVY, and there is a reason for that, the Trans also IS!

      I put a 1/2 Ton Champ 5 O.D. in my 7E-13, 1 Ton Dually and the only problem was, the Trans. Case for Champs is not drilled and tapped for the Parking Band Brake used on Transtars, since Champs use the Service Brakes for Parking.
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        My cousin once owned the 8E7 below that came from the factory with the NP 5/OD. The first time I crawled under the truck it was pretty clear that bell housing would have to be heavy duty - the transmission is huge and all the weight has to be held up by those four bell housing bolts...


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          Post moved. Please be sure to post technical topics in the Tech Talk portion of the Forum.

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            If by chance your up here in Seligman for the fun run this weekend you can check out my 2 Champs, one with a 4 speed & the other has the 5 speed.
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