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Rear brake issues '60 Lark.

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  • Brakes: Rear brake issues '60 Lark.

    I'm going through the brakes on my '60 Lark wagon. So far bought a new master cylinder and shoes from SI, and was able to get my front drums turned at the local gas station. Unfortunately, they can't get my rears on the brake lathe due to the tapered holes. I called around and so far haven't been able to find anyone that can clean them up. They aren't terrible, but it would be nice to start out fresh with my new shoes. Have any of you guys run into this? Already had more than my share of Idjits telling me to "Just put a 9 inch in it".

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    It needs the same centering tool as VW drums. WHen you ask around- ask if they can do that type... They forgot they had it tucked under the bench!


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      Most brake lathes have interchangeable arbors. Ask if they have a 1 inch arbor. If so they can resurface the drum.
      I can do them but the freight makes it cost prohibitive

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        I use an automotive machine shop, they do all kinds of drums!


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          Same as post #2, I’m sure most shops have the arbor for a VW. Had my rear drums from my 57 Commander done at Merlin muffler.


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            Paint the inside shoe surface on the drum and ask the guy to just take off the paint......


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