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Indexing Oil Pump with Distributor

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  • Engine: Indexing Oil Pump with Distributor

    My 59 flathead had to go to the machine shop after a meltdown ie: engine rebuilt 20 years ago and then the car was put into storage and never started but was turned over regularly. When we started it up it had good oil pressure but then none and it seized. After inspection some of the connecting rods were in backwards, the camshaft bolts were hand tightened, and a sticky pressure relief valve too.
    The rebuild is almost complete and I supplied the engine shop with the correct procedure to align the oil pump with the distributor.
    Thanks to Rich G. and Gary A. for their timely comments and the discussions on the forum regarding what orientation the spin-on partial flow filter should be pointing. There are a lot of engine compartment pictures showing either way but the manual specifies that the big hole point downwards. This car probably was originally equipped with a canister style filter but someone changed it during its life.
    I have received a myriad of dissenting comments and the jury is still out on how it should be mounted. My partial flow filter assembly was manufactured by FRAM which actually gives you a choice of 163 different filter cross references. The FRAM filter is the PB50. Others include the WIX 51050 etc.
    The engine should be finished next week and installed sometime after that. It won't make the Northwest Overdrive at the end of May in Summerland BC.
    Regards, Mark

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    I am just glad I could help you "get it right" Mark!

    I hope it runs better than New now.

    Just know that barring some "out of it" Dealer, Repair Shop or Owner installation, all 1958 and on Stude's did have the Spin-on, upside down Fram Bracket and Base for a PB-50 Fram type Element.
    Second Generation Stude Driver,
    Proud '54 Starliner Owner