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  • Fuel System: Fuel pump

    I have a 170 cu in studebaker and installed new fuel pump and glass bowl will not fill with fuel. I have cleaned out the tank and fuel lines prior and new gas. Help please

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    Have you tried priming the carb and fuel pump bowl? Sometimes it takes several tries to get where they will pull fuel through the system.


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      No but I will now. Thanks


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        I would also suggest checking the float bowl needle. Some of the newer carb kits had rubber tipped needles that tend to stick when dry.



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          Check that the cork gasket under the glass bowl is not drawing air, leaking.

          What year is the 170? Later ones do not use that filter type pump.
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            Test the fuel pump in some solvent it should squirt fuel at least 6 feet, there is no priming required, it shouldn't take more than two or three strokes. If the problem remains you might have a pin hole(s) in the fuel line, or as Rich says the cork gasket is not sealing. You are probably sucking air some where.
            By priming the carb may get it running and it may temporarily overcome the vacuum leak while running but when you stop it will not start again. I went through the same symptoms and after three fuel pumps, blowing out lines etc nothing worked until I removed the inlet line to the fuel pump and gently blew air in the line and squirted soapy water on the fuel line and it was full of pin holes, however it would run when primed.


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              Thanks for all the help. Fuel pump works after priming. Now no spark off coil. Oh boy! Any help there?