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  • Body / Glass: 61 fins

    Doing a dry fit of the fins on my 1961 Hawk, notice that the chrome fin end caps have a hook attachment at the top & a screw attachment in the middle, seems to be difficult to get the top hook attached, is there a trick to that? Regards, Cus

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    I have installed the end caps on my 61 and on 57 and 58 hawks and do not remember any issues. Could the place where the hook attaches be bent on yours??

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      I had no problem with mine.hook them on,and put the screws in..
      One caveat-The placement of the fin is critical in fitting the front cap. I had my fins 'dry fitted', and after the car was painted,attempting to install the front cap and mouldings,I discovered that the fin was mounted slightly wrong position.No way was the front cap going to line up,and had to move the fin[then had to repaint the fender]


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        The hook won't drop into the slot, I'll keep mucking around with it, the P.O. had removed all the fins & plugged up all the mounting holes with braze, so I'm being
        careful to get then fitted before I finish painting etc. I have the new cover strips & bolts for the top of the fin panel, but haven't got the bottom mounting bolts
        that mount to the fender, will have to drill the holes for the strip mould also. Could someone please tell me what the bolts are for mounting to the fender,
        the holes look small,

        regards, Cus


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          Has anyone got a reference for the screws/bolts that attach the bottom edge of the fin to the fender, looks like part number 156X60, but not sure what they are,


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            Have got the fins all fitted up temporarily, has anybody got a trick to putting the nuts on the top edge bolts up the front near the doors?Click image for larger version

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              There is no good way to put the nuts on those bolts. I used some tape inside a deep well socket on an extension. That created enough friction to keep the nut in the socket while I worked myself into position to try to get it started on the T-bolt. I had my fins on and off several times during mock -up. I eventually figured out which un-comfortable position worked best for each of those bolts.
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                I cut an access hole in inner panel to get at those nuts.then used cutout to make a rivet in plug, makes it much easier. Luck Doofus