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  • Speedo / Tach / Gauges: Noisy speedometer

    I bought a NOS speedometer with 0 miles on it for my Commander. Since I have finished the repaint I have been working thru all of the little issues from sitting for two years plus having it all taken apart. My new speedometer for the first 50 miles worked great. Now it has become extremely noisy and it jumps around terribly and is no where near accurate as far as speed goes. The miles are counting ok. What do I need to do to this to get it quieted down?
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    Maybe lube the speedo cable?
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      Right where the cable fastens on, there’s a little brass “cup”, maybe 3/16” in diameter. Remove the cup and put a few drops of light oil on the wick. Do it before you drive the car again, or you’ll be on the hunt for another new speedometer.


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        Kurt - you issue might not be the actual speedometer at all - it could be the cable running from the transmission to the speedo. Take the core out and see if it dry or real gummed up with old lubricant. Auto parts stores used to see tubes of speedometer cable lube. Squirt it down the casing, reinstall the core and plug it all back together. There is probably also a little oil cup on the speedometer as well that was lubricated when it was built 70+ years ago.

        Might want to unplug till you can figure it out - have heard needles breaking off because of violent jerking of the cable to the mechanism inside the speedo.


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          Try to use oil gun in this little hole, i had the same problem last year.
          Click image for larger version

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            My Lark's speedo dried out and became unbearably noisy on one return trip. I removed the cable core, cleaned, wiped with "Lock Ease", a graphited oil, and poured some down the shaft after inserting cable. This helped some, but I ended up removing the speedo and lubed, with light machine oil, on the bench which cured it! The main target was the small hole as shown in above post, but also a few small drops on dry looking gears.


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              I agree with the above as the most likely cause/causes of your problem. As Matt said, do not continue to drive it like this.

              Something, besides lack of lubrication, that can also cause the speedometer to jump around is if the cable has a kink in it or a bad spot, even a crushed or rusted area, - something that is preventing it from operating smoothly.
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