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Overdrive Governor

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  • Transmission: Overdrive Governor

    Overdrive no longer engages on my '55 President, after not being used for a decade. Fortunately, the transmission works fine, however. Following the diagnostic chart in the official Shop Manual, the verdict is a faulty governor. I have purchased a new one and was wondering if I need to drain the transmission in order to install it. Thanks for any advice and tips on how to do this!

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    Unscrew the old one, screw the new one in.

    But if the car’s been dormant for a decade, fresh gear oil isn’t a bad idea anyway.


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      First, make sure the OD lever on the side of the OD unit is going all the way back when the OD cable is pushed in.
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        Remember to go to a NAPA Store or Farm Equipment Store and get a gallon of GL-1 Mineral Gear Oil to drain and fill Borg Warner Overdrive Trans.

        Allow BOTH the Main Case and the Overdrive Case to equalize, level to the fill plugs before closing it up.
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          Thanks for the great advice. Here’s an update on how I got my overdrive running like new again: As Randy Rundle says in his Official Guide [highly recommended!], your problems are in all probability electrical. I replaced the governor, the lockout switch, and the relay. Did not need to replace the solenoid, luckily. Great to have my OD back again, for cruising in town in second gear at 35 and for idling down the highway in third at 60. Studebaker was sooooo ahead of its time.