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what the previous owner 'fixed"

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  • Electrical: what the previous owner 'fixed"

    I am now to the point that I must straighten out all the things the previous owner did to my '52 Commander after he pulled it out of it's barn hiding place attempting to start and run for the first time since 1994. He didn't realize that the car had been converted to 12 volts sometime in the past as the conversion had been done using a Delco generator, possibly before alternators were available. Pre '62 I suppose. I only realized it after seeing the 12 volt tag on the generator. He had installed a 6 volt battery, solenoid, and coil. I guess he did not know what the voltage reducers were that are mounted on a custom made panel on the firewall. I suppose one of them is for the wiper motor, the other I haven't traced the wires to see yet. At least all the tune-up stuff, points, condenser, cap,rotor, and wires that he had installed are good.

    And the all new brake parts are ok, 6 volt or 12!

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    Always a challenge to figure out what changes a previous owner has done. My Commander gave me some difficulty because Lenard was still making changes when he had his stroke. I had to ponder what he was thinking and track things back. Lots of things were temporary and not too nice. Patience is a real virtue in these situations.
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