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Partial flow filter on full flow block

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  • Engine: Partial flow filter on full flow block

    The block on my '57 289 GH was replaced with a cloverleaf type so it now has the full flow filter. Would there be any problems with also installing a partial flow filter kit for authenticity? Under the hood sure would look more correct. Would I need to add another qt. of oil to compensate for the extra filter? The kit has the NOS kit also has the original rubber lines, should I use hard lines to plumb it? Thanks for your help.

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    You could install the partial flow filter and plug the supply line, then install the full flow filter on the bottom of the block.
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      No problem. The T cab trucks with full flow engines used a block off for the spin-on filter and a remote filter up top. The 52 pickup I have came to me with a 64 engine with a spin-on filter and the canister type both in use. I have not studied out how the canister is plumbed. It is mounted on the back of the glove box.
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        It shouldn't be a problem to use both filters. Yes add more oil for the second filter.


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          Sounds like it shouldn't be a problem, thanks for the suggestions. Checking out the parts book it appears that the s/c engines used hard pipes for the inlet and outlet. Would these need to be single or double flared?


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            In reality, it doesn't do much, but for originality, sure, install it and make it work. No use in installing something for looks only. It's got to have some oil seepage somewhere to verify that it's connected and working..!



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              You could also just install the canister filter and make it look like it's hooked up but not be just for looks. They don't do that much and this way every thing else would stay the same.