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  • Engine: water pump options

    I have found than some parts vendors offer replacement water pump impellers. That makes me think that us humans must be able to press a water pump apart and then press it back together again to change out an impeller. If so, why not press one apart and replace the seal and bearing, if we can match them up with a replacement seal and bearing? If we destroy a pump that leaks anyway, whats the loss since most vendors sell new pumps outright with no core required? Anyone ever repaired your own?

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    Using Studebaker International Catalog as a reference...a rebuild kit is $65.00 and a new, complete water pump is $89.00. What is your time worth?
    The kit does include a new hub and impeller. Way back when I had water pumps rebuilt by a local rebuilder, many times the impeller would crack when pressed apart. Or, sometimes it would reassemble and be loose - my rebuilder would refuse to Lock tite them. So there is a definite possibility that a new impeller would be needed.
    As a parts dealer, I am happy to sell the all new available water pumps. It make life more simple for me as a dealer, and better for my customers, too.