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'63 Lark... Convert power steering to manual...

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  • Steering: '63 Lark... Convert power steering to manual...

    I have the inFamous '63 rusty Cruiser being prepped for its final "voyage." It has power steering that is non-functional but it don't want to change the whole thing out. Can I simply remove the pump, hoses and possibly drive it that way or do I have to replace the reach rod to make solid the linkage between the bell crank and pitman arm? I don't care if it has a "little" play but cannot accept a "lot of play" on a 2K drive from RI to Austin... NO, I don't want to fix/repair the unit!


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    If you change out the PS control valve and reach rod for a solid reach rod, then the only play will be in the steering box (and worn tie rods/center pin). You should remove the Ram piston from the bel-crank also.
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      I pulled a small U-haul trailer from Temple to Boston with a 64' ragtop and the belt pulled from a smoked reservoir. Installed a good pump and drove it another 50K'll be on the straight-a-ways most of the time, and radials too...


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        Been there.
        Yes, just remove all of the "power" parts, find (Stude International?) the proper "reach rod", swap it (no "out" req'd) for the current one.

        I removed the power steering from my 59, V-8 Lark after I found two of the four hoses leaking. Too much money, too much hassle to fix. Plus, it gets rid of a lot of under hood junk. Drove it few miles with it in place, drove it almost 90,000 miles with it gone.



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          Thank you Mike... Since this is just going to be a one way trip I'll get a new-to-me reach rod from Barry in Houston. It doesn't need to perfect, just safe.

          And thanks to all of you who responded!


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            If you save ALL the P/S parts taken off, there are other owners out there that will pay you for those parts.
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